“A year ago my fiancé decided we needed to make some life changes and signed us up for memberships at CSC. Before joining, we were eating out all the time and to be honest, were generally just couch potatoes. Shortly after joining CSC I started training with Christine, who motivated me to have a consistent routine in the gym and encouraged me to fix my diet to alleviate health problems I had been experiencing. Now I’m doing strength training at least 2 days a week and spinning another 2 days a week and we’re both better about eating healthier on a regular basis. These changes have made me feel better overall, I have more energy to get through my crazy work week and am a lot stronger than ever before (I’m dead lifting almost 200 lbs now!!!).” -Gina Parise


I have undoubtedly had the most success in my journey to become fit while training with Christine.  I credit her attentiveness and direct approach to targeting my personal goals and her experience with and vast knowledge of leading a healthy lifestyle.  She never accepts less than my best and always pushes me and encourages me to reach my full potential, so I leave every session feeling accomplished. Achieving your fitness goals, whatever they may be, takes patience and dedication – but without Christine’s support and guidance, I would not have gotten to where I am today. -Allie Giffes

“The programs that Christine has written for me online have been awesome. I learned so much about how to work out! I’m actually motivated to go to the gym now because I see a difference and am building muscle, as opposed to when I was just doing cardio, which was doing nothing for me.” – Christina M.


“Christine has been one of the most positive personal trainers that I have ever had. She constantly pushes me and advises on what’s best for my health. I look forward to getting a great work out from her every session. I have never done strength training before and she has been such a great role model and motivator. Looking back from the first session to today; I say there has been great improvements in my body. I feel slimmer, stronger, and more confidant. Christine is a ball of energy and you can sense the great passion she has for person training and creating a healthier you.” – Olivier S.


“Having Christine as a trainer has been an awesome experience; she has pushed me to limits that I thought I could never reach. When I find myself discouraged or thinking I am unable to do something, she is there to motivate me. Through hard work and dedication I have been able to get results. Without her guidance I would still be where I was a few months ago. I am lucky to be able to say that my trainer is my friend- thanks Christine!” -Sarah Katz

“After never having had a personal trainer, I signed up for weekly personal training sessions with Christine. Christine was really patient in teaching me proper form and incredibly motivating. I got noticeably stronger and did exercises I never would have tried on my own.  I thought I’d be intimidated by lifting big weights but I feel so much better about my health after having the benefit of Christine’s guidance.” – Marika S.

Marika and I at her first 5k!

“Two years ago I signed up for my first gym membership. I was fortunate to have Christine as my trainer because there was no mercy. She put me in a routine and motivated me to work out. I didn’t lose weight, that wasn’t really my goal. But she helped me look and feel great great. My butt and arms are toned and I feel healthy. I need to go to the gym to keep my energy up. Because of Christine’s support and encouragement I believed more in myself and have more confidence. It is not how you look thats important, it is how you feel. Now I feel healthy and happy. Definitely the sexiest.” -Chantal C.


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