Why I don’t make New Years Resolutions

Last December, I took a big leap. I left an easy relationship (ie. not perfect) moved out of the area of Boston that I had lived in for 5 years and started over…again. Honestly, I’ve done this before because I am not the type of person to just settle if I’m not happy. I have never wanted to be one of those people that sticks with a job or a person just because it’s comfortable or easy. Sure, there have been hard times when I’m like, “Crap, I can’t afford groceries this week.” But I some how always make it through.

This is why I don’t make resolutions.

It’s a waste of time to wait for a certain day of the year to make a change. I make changes that are aligned with my goals and MY timeline, not the calendars. In the past when I have tried to make resolutions it was more like me going through the motions rather than really working towards a goal that is important to me.

What I prefer to do at the end of one year and the beginning of another is to asses how that year went and what I can work on throughout the next year. A lot of these things aren’t measurable and I don’t really know if I’m making progress until a certain situation may come up and how I react.

So what has 2017 taught me?

-I need to stop caring so much about what others think about me. It’s a huge source of my stress and it’s kept me from my own success.

I DO NOT NEED TO KEEP UP WITH THE JONES’. A lot of my friends in this industry are rocking it. They have amazing blogs and social media and are killing it. But as you can see I struggle to keep up and that’s OKAY. I have a different path, still fitness but I chose to go down a management path because it fits my end game better.

No days off is unhealthy. I did so many races in 2016, I was constantly training and missed out on some of the important things in life because I always had some race or training plan to stick to. Where did that land me in 2017? Over trained and injured so none of my races went well. 2018 I will be more selective so that I can live life.

-I love fitness, but there’s more to me than just fitness. Someone told me this year that they like me because I can talk about things other than fitness, I love musicals and ballet, I’m well read. I think I forgot this about myself because the first thing that everyone wants to talk about these days is health and fitness. How about that latest Ruth Ware book?

What am I working on in 2018?

Killing a 70.3. I’m not trying to keep up with anyone, this is for ME. I need to cross that finish line not because I’m trying to impress my followers, but because I crave it.

Reading more. Every year I set a goal to read 24 books a year, so 2 books a month. But it’s been just any book to get that number. This year, I want to read for fun, but I also want to read to grow. Whether it’s a classic I haven’t read or a self help book to help me grow, I want to read more so I can become the best version of me.

Travel more. Like most people I want to see places and learn things. But I’ve let other life things get in the way (work and races). So this year you get to see me explore the Mayan ruins, visit my family in the Philippines and traipse around Italy.

I’m excited for what the future months hold. I love that I can look back and see how much I’ve grown in a year because day to day it’s really hard to see and some times even I get discouraged. So when the clock strikes midnight on December 31, remind yourself how far you’ve come and that progress is still progress.



5 Friday Favorites: Podcasts

1.Well-Fed Women (Formerly the Paleo Women Podcast)

This podcast is hosted Noelle Tarr and Stefani Ruper, who are extremely funny and you should expect witty banter (I laugh to myself on my long runs when I listen to it). But don’t let that fool you. They are EXTREMELY smart and well read. They cover topics from empowerment for women by women, health issues that most women don’t want to talk about, fitness and body image. With over 100 episodes there are so many topics that they cover, I’m sure you’ll find something that applies to you.

2. Mind Body Musings by Maddy Mood

I just recently discovered this podcast because I happened upon her instagram and her life experiences really speak to me. She talks a lot about escaping perfectionism and expectations, and stop wasting our lives with overthinking. She does talk a little bit about health and fitness because she comes from the body building world as well, but she really focuses on self care to be the best you.

3. The Body Love Project with Jessi Haggerty

The title of this one says it all. I share the same outlook as her when it comes to diets and body image in the fitness industry. My favorite episodes so far have been “F*ck your fitspo with Sarah Vance” and “Melissa Carmona on Body Image across cultures.” Jessi is real and honest and doesn’t try to sugar coat anything which I can really appreciate.

And lastly

4. Bigger Pockets

Not really my favorite, but I’m into it because it’s helping me learn about a different way of earning money without really having a traditional job. Can I please retire by 35? K thanks.

5. Case Files

Ok, this is my guilty pleasure. I love shows like CSI and Criminal Minds, but now that I have SUCH a long commute (compared to me 10 minute walk) I don’t have much time for TV. So this supplements that for me! This podcast covers real crimes, solved and unsolved that have happened all over the world. It’s pretty interesting because there are some that were really big in the news and others that I can’t believe that it wasn’t bigger news!

Fuel up!

This weekend I learned a valuable less the hard way: you need to fuel your work outs properly or it could end in a disaster. I’m no professional athlete. I don’t run as fast as most and I’m not as strict with my diet as some. I like to treat myself to a yummy meal or a sweet treat. I work out hard, so why not, right?

Well Sunday morning, I learn exactly why not. Saturday night we decided to stay in, pop in a movie and order some take out. Indian was decided on, and I figured sure, it’s a good carby meal to fuel my long run for the next day. I woke up the next morning ready to take on the world, only to find out that my boyfriend had NOTHING to eat in his house except for a Kind bar and some gummy vitamins. I munched on those, strapped on my Garmin and hit the road with my running buddy Kate. Not three miles into our 9.5 mile run, I started to feel ill and was dry heaving. The carby Indian meal was not settling well and it was ruining my morning. I managed to make it through the 9.5 miles (slowly, with a few stops along the way to ahem, clear the stomach) but it wasn’t fun and I realized I need to stick with oldies but goodies.

I really should have known better about the Indian food, I usually stick with some pasta and a salad the night before a race…why should the night before a long run be any different? It doesn’t matter though if you’re getting ready for a race or just plan on getting up early for a yoga class or a early morning gym session, what you put into your body the night before is going to determine how you perform the next day. If you don’t eat enough, if you eat too much or like me, you eat the wrong thing.

As for the morning, from now on I’ll pack what I plan on eating, don’t depend on anyone else! Not everyone wakes up early to work out, and not everyone fuels with the same things. Our bodies are all different and we function on different sources. My boyfriend doesn’t really have a lot of breakfast food because he usually works out later in the day and has already had a few meals in him. I NEED the morning fuel.

Don’t know what works for you? Try out some different things. Here’s what I have found works best for me.

When it comes to running I keep it simple with some gluten free waffles and a little bit of teddies peanut butter spread on top.


If I’m lifting in the morning I like to have something a little bit more substantial, and imgreseither have some oatmeal with banana and peanut butter or some yogurt with fruit, chia seeds and some GoLean crunch cereal (an amazing combination by the way).

images1Hydration is something that I’ve been struggling with this summer and I’ve found that I need something MORE than water is needed for how much I sweat on my runs. I’m really loving Skratch labs hydration. All the flavors I’ve tried are really good, my favorite though so far has been pineapple.

My suggestion to you is to try different things out, it’s taken me awhile  (and some nasty work outs) to figure out what works best. Find the combo that works and stick with it so that you feel good about your fitness and not want to die like I did on Sunday!!!

Body Weight Circuit

In my last post I talked about how to travel without disembarking from your fitness goals. Well, there are also some days you just don’t feel like working out and you need tell yourself that you will at least try to do 10 minutes. If you can’t make it to the gym or you’re on the road and don’t like running or hiking, try this quick 10 minute circuit that can be done anywhere:

Fat-Burning Circuit: Perform each exercise for 45 sec and rest for 15 sec in between each one. Repeat 2x
A1: Air Squats
A2: Push Ups
A3: Squat Jumps
A4: Plank
A5: Burpees
Now, wasn’t that fun?


Tuna and Feta Cheese Cajun Patties


Here’s an old recipe from my friend, Silvia, that I tried recently. I take no credit other than replicating the recipe and devouring! It’s super easy and if you aren’t avoiding carbs or gluten, you can also add a slice of bread or two and if you are avoiding those, wrap it in lettuce! You can also dress it up as you wish, I added a little guacamole to mine and a slice of tomato!

Tuna and Feta Cheese Cajun Patties

 2 cans drained tuna

1 egg white

25 g feta cheese

tsp Cajun spice

Optional: colored peppers, onion or carrots

Chop vegetables if adding

Mix in a bowl  with tuna, egg white and cheese and separate into patties

Cook in pan and keep flipping them until crispy on both sides


The only cleanse you’ll ever need

It’s post holiday season and we’ve all set out on our new years goals. We’re bombarded by fitness ads and diet trends to get us back on track after indulging on cookies and candy for the past month. I know I can count on my fingers and toes how many “cleanses” and “12 week challenges” I’ve seen plastered all over social media. But what happens after these cleanses and challenges end and you go back to back to living life without strict rules?

Let’s be honest, most people gain weight back, some times more because they make so many changes so fast that it’s not sustainable. Plus, a lot of these cleanses or challenges require so many supplements and chemicals…are you really “cleansing” your body? I know I have been sucked into these 21 day quick fixes and detoxes because it seems so appealing and the before and after pictures are enticing, but whatever changes I made, never stuck. Also, a lot of them made me feel downright sick, because even though  I love a bowl of mashed potatoes, at least those potatoes come from the earth and not a pill packet.


The best way to make real changes is to do it slowly and figure out what works for you. For example, you want to do a cleanse to help you clean up your diet. Well if you are someone that eats out 3 times a week, drinks two cans of a soda a day and haven’t seen a vegetable since moving out of your parents house, that’s a lot to change all at once. Pick one and only one. Maybe it’s cutting back to only 1 can of soda a day for 3 weeks. Then cut back to 1 every other day, then one every 4 days, until soda is not even in your diet anymore. Then pick something else like adding in veggies at one meal a day.

Iimages-1f that’s not enough for you, go on your own self implemented cleanse, the best one you can give yourself that can last the rest of your life: cut out processed foods and eat more whole foods. More whole grains, vegetables and lean proteins. I know, crazy right? It’s what your body needs in the long run, you’ll get results and it doesn’t have to end of after a couple weeks or months!!!!



If you need some ideas on whole foods to try out, here’s a list of 125 for you!!


Not another New Year’s Post

It’s the time of year again where everyone is setting their goals for the New Years and shouting, “New Year! New You!” People will eagerly pack into gyms and sign up for group fitness classes, which is great! But we all know the reality, some will stick with it and succeed, some will fall off the wagon and give up after a few days, weeks or even months. If you’re one of those people who are setting a fitness goal whether it is to lose weight, run a marathon or climb Mount Everest, what’s your plan so you’re not part of the group that gives up before they even start? Have you decided what you’re going to change, habits that you’re going to start practicing in order to achieve these goals?

I have seen people start working towards a goal with a fiery passion and immediately fizzle out because they did not have a solid plan. As a trainer I try to set monthly, weekly and even daily goals for clients in order for them to achieve their long-term goals effectively without losing that fire. Those that have succeeded have developed certain habits that have lasted with them throughout the whole journey and they don’t require you to give anything up, follow any complicated rules or buy into a special diet. I promise you that in the long run, these habits will make a difference in your journey.

1. Develop a routine.

It takes 21 days to create a habit, so if working out is not something that comes second nature to you, set a gym routine and stick to it strictly for at least 3 weeks. Pretty soon hitting the before the sun rises or after a hard day at work will become second nature rather than just a chore.

2. Spend more time in the kitchen.

We all know that we are tempted by a tasty restaurant menu, even when we have the best intentions to find a healthier option. I know I have a hard time turning down a burger and fries for a salad! But even those “Healthier” options often are not really that healthy. So spend more time in your own kitchen and feel satisfied that you prepared that delicious meal yourself.

3. Keep yourself accountable

Whether you decide to hire a personal trainer that will keep you accountable, you create a star chart to keep track of your work outs or track your food. Find a way to keep yourself motivated and on track or your goals. But also remember not to be so hard on yourself if you fall off for a day or a meal. Just move along and know that it’s all apart of the bigger picture.

4. Stay Hydrated

I am constantly shocked by how little water people drink during the day. A lot of the time when you start to feel sluggish in the afternoon and feel like you need to get a mid day caffeine kick, try drinking some water first. I am not immune to this either, I noticed about midday if I hadn’t drunk enough water I would start to feel sluggish and a headache would start to develop. I immediately thought I needed another cup of coffee, but that only lasted so long before I needed more. I started carrying around a water bottle with me during the day and surprisingly that afternoon coffee habit has slowly dissipated.


And last but not least…


Maybe this one should have been first, but it is definitely extremely important. Pack your gym back the night before, plan your work outs ahead of time, and plan out your meals for the week ahead on Sunday. Knowing what you’re doing before you walk into those gym doors will save you a lot of time and frustration. Planning your meals ahead of time will keep you from eating out when you could have packed a lunch. If you know you have a long day ahead of you plan on not going to the gym that day and packing extra meals so that you don’t find yourself at the vending machine. Hindsight is always 20/20.