3 Quick Work Outs

I bet that you won’t be surprised to find that the biggest excuse that I hear from clients about not attaining their goals is because they have “no time.” Especially during the winter when it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning and sleeping in is so much more appealing. But this doesn’t give us an excuse to put everything else aside, I’m not just talking about fitness goals, because fitness is so much more than looking good and having a 6 pack. It’s about helping relieve stress and anxiety, it’s about moving your body so that you can continue to live the quality of life that YOU want to live, it’s about feeling GOOD.

So here are 3 quick work outs that you can fit in during the week without feeling overwhelmed about time.

Body Weight Work Out You Can Do ANYWHERE:

Warm up: :30 each


  • Inch worms
  • Reverse Lunges with reach
  • Side lunges
  • Hip opener with T spine

Working Set: 1 min each x2

  • Squats (make it harder with a pulse at the bottom)
  • Push ups (Regular or on knees)
  • Split squat jumps
  • Superman
  • Plank reaches

Cool Down: Hold for :40 each

  • Figure four stretch
  • Side lying quad stretch
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Child’s Pose

Treadmill Pyramid work out:


  • 5 min warm up walk/jog
  • 3 min moderate pace (can talk/sing)
  • 2 min .5 faster than moderate
  • 1 min 1.0 faster than moderate
  • :30 1.5 faster than moderate
  • 1 min 1.0 faster than moderate
  • 2 min .5 faster than moderate
  • 3 min moderate pace
  • 1 min walk/jog
  • Repeat or Cool down for 5 min


Full Body Gym Work Out:


Warm Up:

  • Knee Hugs
  • Dynamic Quad stretch
  • Inch Worms
  • Shoulder squeezes

Set 1: 2 sets

  • Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift with Row x10
  •  Dumbbell shoulder squat x10
  • Rolling Plank x10

Set 2: 2 Sets

  • Medicine Ball Push ups x10
  • Step ups with weight x10
  • Side Plank Hip lifts x10/side

Cool Down:

  • Kneeling Quad stretch
  • Side Lying T Stretch
  • Hamstring stretch





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