5 Friday Favorites: Supplements

Yesterday I posted about how I pump myself full of healthy vitamins and foods. But someone asked exactly what do I take to get everything my body needs? When you’re training for a big race like I am or just working out hard for life, it’s important that you keep everything in your body working like a well oiled machine. While I try to get most of my nutrition from nutrient dense foods, sometimes I like to splurge on Mac and Cheese so I need a little assistance. Here are my five favorite supplements to use.

vitamin1. Daily Multivitamin. I like this gummy ones because otherwise I forget to take them. I tell all my clients they should be taking one, like I said above, I prefer that myself and my clients are eating a healthy diet to get all of these in rather than a pill. We are human and sometimes that doesn’t happen so a multivitamin just assures that it will. Taking one can help reduce anxiety levels and stress. It also helps our bodies do the daily tasks that is required like processing food into energy and keep our nervous system functioning properly.


2.Iron supplement. I also added an iron supplement into my routine because this past summer I attempted to donate blood for only the second time in my life and for the second time I was turned down because of low iron. They advised me to eat more dark leafy greens and red meats, but I already do plenty of both. So I decided to try a supplement. It’s important (especially for us women) to keep our iron at a stable level because it can cause fatigue and weakness since iron plays an important roll in creating energy from nutrients. Female athletes are especially at risk for increased iron deficiency!



vegan3. Vegan protein. Every once in awhile I track my food and I noticed that I never eat enough protein, especially to sustain the life style that I do and while I would rather eat my food than drink it, there’s just so much I can eat throughout the day without feel sluggish. However, like many people my body absolutely cannot process the typical whey proteins that are so popular. I tried recently after a long hiatus and I became painfully bloated and embarrassingly gassy. So I decided to try a vegan protein, right now I am using Good for Life chocolate flavor and I like it a lot.  it’s creamy and doesn’t make me feel gross!


4. Collagen protein.  A couple years ago I read about this type of protein which is the most abundant type of protein in our bodies, you can consume this through bone broth. But I started adding this to my daily morning shake because of several reasons: it helps with joint pain and degeneration, which with my background as a dancer, cheerleader and runner I definitely need the help and boosts metabolism, muscle mass and energy output. Who wouldn’t want help? This type of protein is easily absorbed into the body and won’t cause any bloating like the whey.


5. Amazing grass green superfood. This lovely green powder is definitely not the tastiest, but it is really is a superfood. This stuff is a blend of wheat grass, barely grass, alfalfa, spirulina, spinach, chlorella and broccoli. This awesome combo helps create alkalinity in the body and decreases inflammation, plus all those greens can’t hurt!



Have any questions about any of these? Let me know!


70.3 here I come!

Hey readers!

So I thought I’d give you an update on my training! I wanted to wait until I finished a full month, but I am just closing up week 3 and I’ve had a minor set back (of course). But it’s nothing serious, it’s just that it’s January in New England and despite pumping my body with vitamins and healthy foods, I am sick. I’ve kinda been in denial all week, hoping that I could will my body healthy, but alas that is not how the body works. So here I am wishing I could work out right now but I am pretty drained.
If you follow me on instagram (if you don’t you should! click here!) you know that I started training for my second attempt at a half ironman. If you’re not sure what that is, this race consists of a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike and a 13.1 mile run. In that order equaling 70.3 miles. In 2016, I attempted one, but while I was physically ready I was not mentally ready and I dropped out after the bike. I was sad at the time but I’ve come to terms with it. I haven’t really done any triathlons since then though and 2017 did not consist of much swimming, biking and just a little running. 097
23415140_race_0.25631262029953683.displayThis month, I am really just concentrating on building back up my endurance in general because fitness is one of those things that if you don’t keep working at it then you lose it very quickly. I certainly have lost a lot of it. But it’s super important to look. FORWARD and not back. Yes, easier said than done. But I know just in 3 weeks I have seen a lot of improvement so that makes it easier to not get discouraged. I am very much a numbers person so I love keeping track and seeing those numbers change.
While those three sports are my main focus, I am still sticking to a lifting program. I always talk about balance and for me, lifting even though I am an endurance athlete is super important to me. I like being strong, and in the end that will help me prevent this body from becoming more injured than it’s already prone to and get faster! I used to have the mind set that it was all one or the other, but it doesn’t have to be if you make the time and both modes of exercise are a priority to me!
But for now I am sipping my tea and curling up into a ball until I can kick this cold and hop on my bike! img_0168