Getting back on the horse

About two weeks I publicly announced that I need to get my Sh*t together and back into taking care of myself physically and mentally. Oh yeah, and train for this marathon that I have coming up. So here’s your biweekly update on how I’m doing:


Week 1 back: Did not go so hot. Getting back in a groove is HARD. I managed 2 runs, 6.5 miles on Monday, 4.6 on Tuesday and a Bodyweight circuit on Wednesday. Then I pooped out the rest of the week. My body was not loving me and I didn’t manage to get my long run in.

Week 2: MUCH better. Tuesday spinning, Wednesday 8 miles and bodyweight circuit. Thursday full body work out, Friday mobility and core, Saturday long run of 13miles.

The one part that really gets to me is that I keep thinking about the “used to’s” I used to run 7 miles in 1:03, I used to be able to dumbbell row 45lbs and so on.


Fitness is the one thing that you can work on so hard for so long and if you fall off all the progress just goes away. Sure your body might retain some of it but you have to bust some a$$ to get back all the progress you once made. I know, I’m pretty good at giving advice. I just have a hard time taking it for myself and I need to stop looking backwards and keep looking forwards.


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