Two roads diverged in a wood

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

-Robert Frost


I want to take a break from fitness because there’s so much more to life than just working out. Well, at least for me there is. If you want to believe all the fitness bots out there, there is nothing else then please, move on. I want to talk about one of my biggest faults that I have: I get hung up on things, I let them stew inside my head and I have a hard time moving on.


This often gets in the way of my success because I think about the “used to’s” like “I used to be able run faster,” “I used to be more well read,” etc. I also let this and negativity get in my way. For example, I literally laid in bed just now for an hour stewing over the fact that someone accused me of something I didn’t do. An hour wasted when I could have been doing something more productive like running or reading one of the many books I’ve bought recently but haven’t even cracked open yet. But I am working on this, and there are a few steps that I’ve been taking in order to move on and ultimately better myself.

  1. Practice self love.

We spend a lot of time belittling ourselves, believing that nothing we ever do is good enough. We compare our success to others success when we shouldn’t. If you’re going to compare your success to anyone, look back on where you were a year ago. Is it different? Yes? Then you have been successful on your journey. You haven’t stood still and you need to accept yourself during every step of this journey.

2. Not everyone is going to like you

OH man. I am terribly guilty of believing that everyone is going to like me. I have spent SO much of my time trying to please other people. I constantly worry about if someone likes me instead of working on and enjoying the relationships that are right in front of me. Instead, I try to do everything in my power to make the one singular person try to be my friend. IT’S JUST NOT POSSIBLY. Everyone has a different cup of tea and you may not be it for one person.

3. Don’t be afraid of starting over.

I have constantly made excuses for why I can’t start over with something new. It’s usually because change is freaking scary. For me, what I have right now is comfortable and notknowing what is to come is terrifying for me. I’m sure there are those of you out there that are the same. But sometimes change is for the better. Not starting over may mean you’re stagnant for the rest of your life and to me, that’s even more terrifying. So I’m slowly opening up to possibilities and the known.

Sitting here writing this has made me realize that I still have a lot of things to work on when it comes to getting out of my head and trying to control things I can’t control. But I can’t let my faults keep me from growing and you shouldn’t either.


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