What’s up for 2017?

I’ve been really excited to share this blog post with you because I have a lot of big things happening for 2017. It’s just taken me awhile to find the time to sit down and write! As I mentioned in my last post I have a new position at work and I’ve been throwing myself into that head on. I’m loving it, but it definitely takes away from keeping up with all of you!

So here’s the first big thing coming up for me in 2017!

ei2017-240x300Back in October someone posted on Facebook to apply to Tri Equal’s Equally Inspiring team for 2016-17. Athletes that are picked get 3 free months of training with a triathlon coach. Without really looking at what it was, I was like “Cool! Free coaching!” and applied. Well earlier this month I learned that I was actually picked for the team! Almost 200 people applied and only 75 were picked for the team. Once I found out, I started to look into Tri Equal and what they’re about. It’s a group of people that look to ensure that all groups in the triathlon community are treated equally and with respect. I’m so honored to be picked by this organization, not only has triathlon become a huge part of my life, I love their message and goals.

The coach that I have been matched up with is Coach Jana from E3 Triathlon Coaching. I’m really excited to start working with her because I’m still so new to this sport and there’s a lot I don’t know that she does. This was very clear when I bombed last years attempt at a Half Ironman, and the fueling issues at the NYC marathon. I was kind of nervous at first to work with a coach again especially after my last terrible experience. But after talking with Jana, I’m so excited to crush some goals this year with her! I already decided to give the 70.3 distance a try again and I’ve already signed up for the Patriot half on June 17th! Even though we haven’t officially started together yet she’s been so helpful and encouraging with my off season that I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next year!

14915175_1125292550925368_3425950710634643213_nIn addition to being picked for Equally Inspiring, I’ve also been picked for a second year in a row to be an ambassador for Coeur Sports. When I applied and was accepted on the team last year, I didn’t know what that would bring. I really just thought I would get a sweet discount in exchange for some social media posts. But this group has proven to be the most inspiring group of women that I have ever come across. I have loved getting to know them through social media and see their amazing accomplishments. I also have had the honor of meeting them in real life and that has been amazing because it wasn’t like strangers meeting for the first time, we were already family. This is such a great company that really brings women together when so often we are putting each other down. I’m excited for the 2017 team and to get to meet more of these ladies this year.

I also am excited to be apart of the Honey Stinger ambassador again for 2017! Their gels and waffles are the best and love that they’ve rolled out more gluten free products!





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