Friday Five Favorites: Running

While fitness is my passion, all of you know I LOVE running. For me, it’s my meditation and I originally started running because of the high and because I thought “Hey, it’s free!” HAHA, little did I know how many accessories and gadgets that can go along with running, and I will admit I have been sucked in. So today I am sharing my 5 favorite running items! Make sure you read all the way to the bottom for some fun news!

  1. Nuun tablets. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It’s so important especially when you get into longer distances. I have a hard time with plain water, but Nuun tablets have really helped me get it down and it has a lot of extras you need to keep up!shop
  2. Honey Stinger. It took me a long time to figure out how to fuel properly on long runs and a lot of products don’t settle well in my stomach. But I found Honey Stinger and I will never go back. I love using the Honey Stinger gels, energy chews and waffles for races and long work outs!honeystinger_logo_horizontal
  3. Flip Belt. You have to be able to carry your phone, keys, card, money and fuel on runs! I hate arm bands and bulky packs, I bought a flip belt about a year ago and I love how flat it is and it even fits my huge IPhone!flipbelt_violet
  4. Procompression socks. Recovery is key and my calves tend to tighten up like crazy. These socks really help me after a long run and they’re super cute so I don’t feel weird going out in them!screen-shot-2015-10-09-at-12-42-27-pm
  5. Coeur Sports. I fell in love with Coeur triathlon kits, but then I bought their shorts and sports bra and I love them! They’re my go to for all runs. They’re cute, have extra pockets and are super comfortable!

Want to WIN my favorite running products?? Follow me on instagram! I’ll be giving away one item every Monday in October in honor of my birthday month!


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