Getting back on her feet

Imagine one day you’re getting ready to go out to dinner with friends and all of a sudden your legs start to go a little tingly which is weird because you’re walking around. Then quickly that tingly feeling has turned into numbness and you can’t walk, so you call an ambulance which rushes you to the hospital where you’re told the horrible news: you are paralyzed from the waist down and they don’t know why.

This doesn’t really seem real right? How can someone go from walking around having a perfectly normal day to not being to walk? Well this has happened, to my client Katey Wheeler exactly one year ago today.

fullsizerender-12One year ago Katey lost her ability to walk and had no idea if she would ever be able to again. But let me tell you, Katey is pretty darn awesome. She is incredibly strong and brave. Over time because of her strength both inside and out, Katey relearned how to walk, which was no easy task. She has had machines hooked up to her legs sending electric impulses into her muscles, willing them to move. She has gone through extensive physical therapy in order to move normally again.

I remember when I first started working with Katey. She was graduating from physical therapy to personal training because while she was better, it’s not 100% (and according to her, probably never will be), and she still needed to get stronger. I remember that first session Katey was afraid to even do a squat while holding on to a TRX for support. Since she has not gotten all the feeling back in her legs, sometimes she is unaware of where her body is in space. But she did it and has continued to improve from there.

fullsizerender-13Even though she doesn’t absolutely love working out (planks are her absolute least favorite exercise), Katey is so much stronger now and in a much better place. I’m constantly astonished by her improvements. She squats (with weight!), deadlifts, and does pull ups. She accomplishes double what we used to during her hour long session and she always has a smile on her face.

I’ve learned so much from her. I may be teaching her about fitness, but she taught me way more about strength and how to keep fighting even in the toughest situations.



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