It’s okay to be a beginner


Recently I’ve gained quite a few clients that are completely new to fitness. They may have run a few times here and there or have done some squats and planks because that’s what people do, but they really have never set foot in a proper gym. This inspired me to write this post because I have also had to encourage these same people to keep going regardless of the fact that they sometimes can’t get through a whole work out.
1. Remember we all had to start some where. Unless you were a young athlete that went on to play high school sports and then college and then maybe professional, you probably fell off the bandwagon at some point and had to start over on the fitness journey. I know I did. I was always a dancer and a cheerleader, in good shape until sophomore year of college I tore my ACL and had to have knee surgery. I never really got back into those activities once my knee healed, so when I realized I had gained a lot of weight post graduation I had to start from scratch and in the beginning I could barely get through a 20 minute work out and I’ve had my own ups and down of lacking motivation and getting out of my routine. But it gets easier, which leads me to the next one…
2. Stick to your program. I have progressions for my clients, we start off with a lot of body weight exercises and mobility drills so that you get used to lifting your own body weight before we even think about picking up weights. If you want to run, I’ll never put in a 3 mile run, it’s going to be a walk/run program so that you can build up. No one expects you to just go out there and do it the first time. In time you’ll realize just how far you have come. Stick to it and trust me, you WILL see improvements.
3. Don’t be afraid to seek support. A lot of my clients will accept their program, but then if they lack to motivation to get it done on their own they’re afraid to let me know. I’m a trainer/coach for a reason. I WANT to help you. My job goes beyond writing a program and making you do crazy things to make you sweat and work hard. I’m a support system for this crazy fitness journey whether you want to lose weight or run a marathon.

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