Marathon Training…minimally

unnamedThe Boston Marathon this year was my first marathon. I had a coach for this who was also helping me with triathlons, so my plan was high cardio volume. A lot of swimming, biking and running and a little strength worked sprinkled in there. Seeing as this was my first marathon I put my trust in the coach and followed the process. However, through this process I learned a lot about my own body. First off, don’t get me wrong, this coach has successfully coached many athletes to BQ, run their first Ironman etc. It’s just that his method doesn’t work for me and won’t work for everyone. I suffered a lot of hip pain and knee pain to the point where it hurt to walk.

14316972_1594764767485235_7201535449595430951_nSo this time around I am training myself for NYC marathon and I’m taking a whole different approach. I recently read an article from Runner’s World about training for a marathon with only running 3 times a week. So I have started to loosely follow this plan. I’m running only 2-3 times a week. A short speed work out, a tempo run (this one is only if I have time) and a long run. On the other day I am either taking a spin class or doing a HIIT workout.  I’m also doing 2 rest days a week.


A sample of my week might look like this, but I listen to my body and I will change things around depending on how I’m feeling:

Monday: Upper Body/Core

Tuesday: Sprints and Lower Body

Wednesday: Spin

Thursday: Full Body/ Tempo run

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Long run

Sunday: OFF

I can’t say how it’s going so far, but I will say I am not injured like I was while training for Boston. I’m a bit run down this training cycle because I haven’t really had an off season in over a year. But I’m just happy that I can continue to keep working out without pain. I honestly just want to finish the NYC marathon in one piece…and a bit faster than I finished Boston. I’m not fast. I never will be. I’m okay with that. I enjoy what I do and I just want to continue doing that.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have goals for my running. I want to be able to do a 25 min 5k and I would love to get a sub-2 hour half marathon. But I also want to not fall apart so that I can be 80 years old and still doing this. There’s only 7 weeks left until race day and I am looking forward to seeing how different this race goes for me!!!!14100282_1590213754607003_4526768983408694346_n


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