5 Friday Favorites: Salads

If you were to really ask about what my favorite food is, salad is actually the last thing on that list. I know, I’m a fitness person right? I’m supposed to live off of overnight oats and leafy green salads. Don’t get me wrong I love eating healthy and feeling good about what I’m putting in my body, but Pizza is my favorite food group and I’m not stranger to a heaping pile of nachos. It’s all about #balance.

I know you’re dying to know, when I do eat a salad…what do I eat? Well here’s your answer! My 5 favorite salads (and this was NOT easy lol).


  1. Beet and Goat cheese salad. LOVE me some goat cheese.



2. Guacamole Greens from Sweet Green

3.Falafel Salad. Obsessed with Hummmus…..yummm


4.Taco salad!!! I like to make it healthier by using greek yogurt instead of real sour cream. Can’t even tell the difference.taco-salad



5. Tomato Basil Mozzarella (does this count? In my book it does!)


One thought on “5 Friday Favorites: Salads

  1. sarah@creatingbettertomorrow September 16, 2016 / 10:24 am

    I’ll take the beet and goat cheese please!!! Love both beets and goat cheese, I buy the pre cooked beets from Costco…so handy!


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