Triathlon Season Recap Part One


This past Saturday night was bittersweet, I have had a rough triathlon season, but as I packed up my transition bag one last time I got a little bit emotional. I’m not sure if it was from the large pizza that I ate alone or the million times I had peed that day while I desperately tried to rehydrate. But I started to reminisce about what I left behind.

I want to start this recap with one thing. I always pick a mantra for my race season. This year after reading the book How Bad Do You Want It, that became my mantra that I would say to myself when things started to get rough.

I started out the year in June with the Cohasset sprint tri, not a distance that’s new to me and it was good because it kind of dusted off the wheels for me. This is only my second year in the sport and I’m honestly proud with how far I’ve come in such a short time. Last year during my first race, I froze, not literally that time but I spent most of the time freaking out. The only parts about this race that went a little rough were the fact that the water was mind numbingly cold and I swam mostly on my back because I couldn’t breathe13872638_10100107949126166_3683048298072726628_n and I was well under prepared for all the hills. But you live and you learn and I’ll be back to crush it next year! Oh and the BEST part was when I say my boyfriend up ahead of me on the run and I pushed so hard to catch up to him so that we could cross the finish line together. (I wanted this so badly!) Sadly the photographer didn’t get a good picture 😦

Next up in July was my first Olympic distance tri! I won’t lie that this scared me a little bit because it’s more than double the swim and a longer bike ride than what I’m used to. All the sprints I’ve done were 1/4 of a mile. An olympic distance is .9 miles. But I’ve done this distance before. I’ve practiced in both the pool and in Walden Pond so I knew I could do it. This was an ocean13891804_10100107948906606_5089058811873125964_n swim but it was calm in Dorcester Bay that morning and I wasn’t worried. However, the rain that day did worry me. I don’t ride outside much because I’m terrified of horrible Boston drivers (I’m slowly getting over this by the way) and I’ve never ridden on wet roads. Up to this point I’ve never crashed before but I always picture it and it’s never pretty. However, I made it (uncomfortable though, I really need to get my bike fitted) and set out for the run. During this time I’ve also started training for the NYC marathon for 6.2 miles is not that far for me. However, after riding the bike I always need some time to shake out the legs. I finally get into my stride around mile 2.5 which was awesome because I had more than half the race left to go and I was feeling good. Usually during the shorter distance I would be just about done just as I’ve warmed up! But then pain hit me in my lower back and I really blame it on my poor bike fit. Something is off on it and was really hurting my hip the whole time. I had to walk a few times, but that’s ok! My goal was to finish in 3:30 and I finished in 3:03, a whopping 27 minutes ahead of my goal! I left that day feeling on top of the world.

The rest of the season to be continued in Part Two….



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