Race Recap: Nantasket Beach Triathlon

Sorry this is so late! I was so sick last week I could barely move out of my bed!

As you know, my first triathlon did not go so well, the swim was anxiety ridden, as was my run. The night before my second one, while packing up my things….I thought that this race was going to be a disaster as well. While packing up my bike for the morning….my rear wheel just falls off. After some tinkering and youtubing, we successfully (or so we thought) got the wheel back on. I even rode it around the block before we packed it up! Then the next morning while unpacking our bikes, I hit the curb and it fell off again and this time I couldn’t get it back on. While almost in tears, the bike repair company just pulled up and saved the day for me! Yay! I’ve heard too many horror stories of people that DNF because of bike mishaps.

With all my gear accounted for and repaired, we headed off the beach to warm up, we were told it was a balmy 65 degree water. I get in thinking I’m going to be too warm in my wet suit. OH MY GOODNESS I was wrong! My face hit the water and it 097was FREEZING!!! But I did it! When my wave was ready to go I swam without any anxiety attacks. I did get kicked in the face, which is expected, but I did get run over by a kayak. I thought those are supposed to save you from drowning….not make you drown? But whatever. I made it!!!

The bike was fine, the roads were a bit rough (literally every 10 feet there was a bump on this one road, I thought my brains were going to fall out!) and my legs felt a little tired for no reason, so I was slower than usual. But we’ll blame the rough roads on that 🙂

Next up, the run. Another beach run. Ugh. Even though this time the sand was more packed and it didn’t feel like I was running on mashed potatoes, it was still hard! I averaged about a 10:12 mile which is a whole minute slower than what I was normally run a 5k. Yes, I just hopped off the bike and started running, but I should’ve been only like 30 seconds slower at the most. Brick work outs are definitely in my future for next year!

116All in all, this was a really well organized fun race. I made a new friend in my wave of new triathletes and I felt more confident. The best parts were having my mom be my official race photographer and having my boyfriend meet me at the finish line for a nice sweaty (he did the race too) hug!       I’m sad that race season is over, but I can’t wait to take on some new challenges this year!117

Next up….the Smuttynose Half marathon and the BAA half marathon!!!

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