Weekly Recap August 31- September 6

Weekly Recap August 31- September 6

More lessons learned during this weeks training! Goals met, and some mechanical frustrations along the way.
Monday: I decided to be lazy on Sunday and lounge around, so I moved my long run to Monday morning since I don’t have to be at work until 11:30am. MISTAKE ONE of the week. I completed my 8.5 miles with plenty of time to spare. However, I was POOPED the rest of the day. Like ready to fall asleep at my desk. IMG_1013
Tuesday: Yasso 800s! We did a treadmill work out with our coach, 800m repeats at a 8min/mile pace. Working on that speed!!!! It was only supposed to be 4 but he turned it into 6 and I almost died.
IMG_0993Wednesday: 2050m swim, working on form in order to build speed. Concentrated on single arm drills and closed fist drill and finished it off with some sprints! I definitely feel myself flying through the water faster!
Thursday: Lift!!! Looks like he’s cut back my lifts to one time a week, my goal was to get two in this week but I feel like everything got harder this week so that’s just fine with me! Also worked on some more runni
ng drills for form.
Friday: Some things just don’t go as planned and this became an unplanned restIMG_1004 day. My hip has been killing me and I think it’s from sitting on the spinning bikes for too long and they aren’t perfectly fitted. So I went out and bought a used bike trainer off of craigslist. Of course, I don’t really know anything about bike trainers so I didn’t know what to ask for when I go it, so there was a piece missing. I didn’t know this when I tried to set up my bike and it kept falling off. After about a half hour of messing with it I gave up and took a rest day I was so mad!
Saturday: Open water swim! In high school my cheerleading coach had a saying ” First time is like, second time a fluke, third time it’s yours.” I wasn’t going to feel good until I got a third open water swim in Walden pond. I’ve done it and I feel ready to kick some triathlon Booty!!!
Sunday: MISTAKE NUMBER TWO: Do NOT have Indian food the night before a long run. Sunday I woke up ready to take the world on my long run and ended up feeling like poop. See yesterdays blog post for more details. but 9.5 miles in the books.
Next weeks goals: Be even more on top of my nutrition (lesson learned from Indian food), get one unplanned lift in KILL my first double digit run in about 5 months. BOOM!

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