Do you even Health?

Warning: this post will probably be more of a rant than anything else.

I am SO tired of hearing people hate on cardio, because you can cut fat without it through dieting, it’s boring and inefficient. All I can do is sit here and bite my tongue (most of the time) and think, do you even health?
For all you haters out there, have you ever thought that you hate on cardio so much because you aren’t doing it for enjoyment but as a form of punishment? A lot of people add in cardio in order to burn more calories so that they make up for cheat meals. My suggestion is to STOP looking at it that way and maybe you’ll enjoy it more. No form of exercise should be seen as punishment for treating yourself once in awhile.
Or CRAZY idea, instead of driving to the gym to run on the hamster wheel, RUN OUTSIDE, enjoy your surroundings. I’ve seen so much more of Boston this way because of cardio. I run through neighborhoods I otherwise wouldn’t go to, over along the many reservoirs we have tucked away, I make friends with other runners that I’m keeping pace with because, hey we’re both doing the same thing at the same time, might as well say hi! I ride my bike along the Charles, or on the Minute Man Bike path, and it’s not always for training rides. I’m getting my cardio in but it’s something enjoyable to do that’s FREE.
On the other end, I hear so many people that have coaches that tell them to stop running, why you may ask? Well, because they’re afraid of EATING AWAY ALL YOUR MUSCLE. Yes, you might lose a little, but it’s not like you’re going to go totally catabolic if you do a couple miles. But is it really worth it to be weak cardiovascularly and look good? If you really care all that much about health and your body, shouldn’t you care about all aspects of it? Also, don’t you want to survive a zombie apocalypse because you can out run them (and everyone else that’s afraid to get their heart rates up)?
ITSBN4G8SCpGcEa2zB8rKxPEHxc3gFwMpozOgpzlkBwI’m not going to sit here and say that lifting is bad though and say you shouldn’t do it. That running is the most efficient way of exercising. I would be a horrible fitness
professional if I said that. My goals are to run far and lift heavy because I like to do both. It’s also important for people that are doing repetitive activities such as running, swimming and biking to do strength training so that they don’t get injured. It will also improve your performance and make you look damn good while doing it.
In the end obviously, do what makes you happy, but don’t completely bash what others do. Everyone has their happy place when it comes to health and fitness and not one mold fits everyone. But as I said before, if you care that much about your body, care about all aspects and not just one. IMG_0593

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