Weekly Recap: August 24th-30th

I decided to start with some weekly recaps on my training since the weeks are dwindling down on my race season. I’m 3 weeks away from my second sprint triathlon and 5 weeks away from my 3rd half marathon. I’d say I’ve had a successful race season this year and I can’t wait to see what next year will bring! IMG_0525

My goals for the spring tri   are mainly to just not freak out on the swim and not to forget my bib number for the run! For the half marathon, I’d REALLY like to break 2 hours, but at the pace I have been running, I’m not so sure it will happen. But we’ll see.

Monday: Is always a rest day, I have my groceries delivered the night before (part laziness, part I don’t have a car in the city) so Monday mornings I wake up early and do my meal prepping. It keeps me feeling productive even if I’m not kicking butt.

IMG_0988Tuesday: Run field test day! This field test was to see how far I can run in 20 minutes. The first time I did the test I did 2.24 miles. This time I ran 2.42! Getting a little faster every day!

Wednesday: AM Swim field test, this test was how fast I could do 500m with a 10s break in between each one. I KILLED this test and cut a whole minute off my time!

PM Spin class at the gym. I’m super picky about the spin classes I take. I want the class to mimic what it’s like to actually be riding a bike and most aren’t, kinda like this one. But on the plus side, she had really good motivating energy!

Thursday:  Running drills to help with my form and a quick full body lift.

Friday: I did an hour of my own private spin class and then ran 1 mile as fast as I could right off the bike. I wanted to break 8 minutes, but I got 8 minutes even. Next time though!


Saturday: Drove down to the beach where the next triathlon is and practiced the bike
route and did a little swim in the ocean. The waves kind of got the best of me, but it was fun! Yes, I was that person in a wet suit on the beach while everyone else was in bikinis.

Sunday : Way too hot for my long run and Boston was littered with people moving and I didn’t want to deal with that. So I decided it would be my rest day instead of Monday.

Goals for next week: I want to get better about getting my lifts in. I’m only scheduled for two a week, but that second one tends to slip through the cracks and I know it’s so important to strength the muscles that I use repetitively. I also want to get back on track with nutrition, I’ve kind off been off track, just trying to enjoy summer and picnics and weddings. But starting this week I’m giving up booze and sweets for (most) of September. I’m allowing one cheat date when I go to King Richard’s Faire (yes I’m a nerd).


Do you even Health?

Warning: this post will probably be more of a rant than anything else.

I am SO tired of hearing people hate on cardio, because you can cut fat without it through dieting, it’s boring and inefficient. All I can do is sit here and bite my tongue (most of the time) and think, do you even health?
For all you haters out there, have you ever thought that you hate on cardio so much because you aren’t doing it for enjoyment but as a form of punishment? A lot of people add in cardio in order to burn more calories so that they make up for cheat meals. My suggestion is to STOP looking at it that way and maybe you’ll enjoy it more. No form of exercise should be seen as punishment for treating yourself once in awhile.
Or CRAZY idea, instead of driving to the gym to run on the hamster wheel, RUN OUTSIDE, enjoy your surroundings. I’ve seen so much more of Boston this way because of cardio. I run through neighborhoods I otherwise wouldn’t go to, over along the many reservoirs we have tucked away, I make friends with other runners that I’m keeping pace with because, hey we’re both doing the same thing at the same time, might as well say hi! I ride my bike along the Charles, or on the Minute Man Bike path, and it’s not always for training rides. I’m getting my cardio in but it’s something enjoyable to do that’s FREE.
On the other end, I hear so many people that have coaches that tell them to stop running, why you may ask? Well, because they’re afraid of EATING AWAY ALL YOUR MUSCLE. Yes, you might lose a little, but it’s not like you’re going to go totally catabolic if you do a couple miles. But is it really worth it to be weak cardiovascularly and look good? If you really care all that much about health and your body, shouldn’t you care about all aspects of it? Also, don’t you want to survive a zombie apocalypse because you can out run them (and everyone else that’s afraid to get their heart rates up)?
ITSBN4G8SCpGcEa2zB8rKxPEHxc3gFwMpozOgpzlkBwI’m not going to sit here and say that lifting is bad though and say you shouldn’t do it. That running is the most efficient way of exercising. I would be a horrible fitness
professional if I said that. My goals are to run far and lift heavy because I like to do both. It’s also important for people that are doing repetitive activities such as running, swimming and biking to do strength training so that they don’t get injured. It will also improve your performance and make you look damn good while doing it.
In the end obviously, do what makes you happy, but don’t completely bash what others do. Everyone has their happy place when it comes to health and fitness and not one mold fits everyone. But as I said before, if you care that much about your body, care about all aspects and not just one. IMG_0593

#LoveBulu: Bulu Box Review

As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I get a chance to review fun products. This post is sponsored by Bulu Box and I received a box free of charge to facilitate my honest review. The post may also contain affiliate links.

I’ve done a few subscription boxes in the past, one for clothes and one for make up. I always enjoyed getting the little package during the month with surprises inside. For the most part I’ve liked what I received, a few things ended up being gifted or returned but other than that I’ve discovered some new styles I like and beauty products that have changed my routine. So when the opportunity to receive a Bulu Box came up, I was thrilled. image1

My box arrived last night finally and I right away tore it open, excited to see what goodies were inside and this is what I found:

First there’s the itch cream, which right now I am thankful for since it’s summer and I’m spending a lot of time outside and I get eaten alive. Seriously, it’s like the bugs are just attracted to me, hopefully it helps with my misery!
After that is the Mediterra Bar, which was sundried tomato basil flavored. I LOVE anything basil…well most things. This one, just not my cup of tea, I’ll stick to the sweet granola bars instead!


Then we get to something interesting….protein powder made of Crickets! Apparently, this form of protein is more sustainable, and by the looks of the ingredients, more natural. Normally I would be weirded out by this but my boyfriend is currently really into cricket granola bars lately, so we’re going to try this product out together. Yay bugs!

download (1)

Next is Island Boost, which is to help with muscle cramps and hydration during really tough work outs. I’m saving this one for one of my long runs!download

Hiding in the back is a strange looking T shaped tooth brush. I guess I’ll save that for traveling? Lastly, dietary fiber powder. Um…maybe someone out there knows I have trouble going sometimes???

If you want to try out Bulu Box for yourself, FitApproach and Bulu Box have teamed up and are offering 50% off your first 3-month subscription. Just head over to Bulu Box and add the SWEATPINK code during check out! ck to the sweet granola bars instead! and Bulu Box have teamed up and are offering 50% off your first 3-month subscription. Just head over to Bulu Box and add the SWEATPINK code during check out!

Ditching the scale!

IMG_0907For the most part of my life I have been a slave to the scale, it doesn’t help that I grew a dancer and a cheerleader where being tiny was praised and any extra ounce was frowned upon. Before I actually knew anything about fitness, I mostly controlled what I ate so that I wouldn’t gain any weight. Some times I would do some crunches and leg lifts in my room (seriously, I knew nothing about fitness in high school) or run around the block a couple times. I didn’t even really eat healthy, mostly just tried to keep my calories low, low, low to the point where I would black out during practice and would skip any family meals in order to avoid over eating. I definitely had a bad relationship with food, my body and the mirror.

unnamed (1)This past couple of months, I have decided to ditch the scale and my fitness pal and
focus on athletic abilities instead. Yes, I still want to feel good and look good and I still eat fairly healthy (with treats in moderation) but finding a sport I enjoy has made a huge difference. I feel better about my body and how I look because I know how hard I can push myself, how much I’ve improved over these months. Those numbers have become more important to me than the arbitrary number on the scale.
Keeping myself busy has also helped me not concentrate on the scale. I’ve filled my days with training, work and living life that doesn’t revolve around fitness like enjoying the city I live and and traveling without guilt. It’s really helped on the handling of my sanity. I can take a break from the plan do things like go to the zoo (I love all the animals!!!) or sleep in late my boyfriend.
 I no longer weigh myself 50 times a day or worry about ever morsel I put into my mouth. I don’t have a goal weight that I’m aiming towards, I know that my body will eventually reflect that effort that I’m putting in. I’m also taking care of myself more, no more low calorie diets, I’m fueling my body for my work outs so that I can make it through them and do the best that I’m capable of.
So please join me in trashing the scale and loving your body for what it can do not what you see in the mirror!

Swimming, biking and running, oh my!: Marshfield Duxbury Triathlon

Let’s face it, I’m addicted to races. I love the community that it brings together, the rush of adrenaline and the feeling of accomplishment (as well as the finisher medals). I have some 5ks, a few 10ks and a couple half marathons under my belt from the past 5 years or so. I love challenging myself and while a full marathon is still daunting to me, I’ve been itching for something new. So last year after watching Rob participate in the Boston Triathlon, I decided that this was something I could do given enough time.
So the past year I have worked my butt off to get into shape for a tri. I JUST learned how to swim (well, swim properly and not doggie paddle) in 2014, so I have focused on becoming a better swimmer and a faster a runner. The bike kind of came along on it’s own (and it helps that I got a pretty new Cannondale that’s much lighter than my old bike!) While my swimming is SO much better, the idea of open water swimming still is daunting. I know I know, I have a wet suit on and it’s like wearing a flotation device, but it’s very different than swimming in a nice chlorinated pool that eventually comes to an end. A couple weeks before the race I went out with my coach and practiced, in the beginning I had some anxiety and was slow and didn’t do the course we had planned. But I eventually did a full mile which was the goal for distance that day. I felt good afterwards and felt like I could conquer the open water in the race.
I was wrong. Terribly wrong. I started out the day already nervous, I didn’t know what to expect how conditions would be, the swim pattern, the bike mount zone and not to mention a beach run. But then as we’re running out to the first bouy where we would start the swim anxiety hit me. I could barely do three strokes without having to stop to breathe. I started doing a weird head above water breast stroke, side stroke combo. Once I got to the turn around though I felt much better and was finally able to swim normally and zoomed past everyone to the shore!
23415140_race_0.25631262029953683.displayThe bike portion was easy peasy. I was flying on my new bike, the back roads we were on were pretty, quiet and very little traffic. Not too many hills and fairly flat and fast. I loved it. Then the run. The run is my favorite part and it started off badly.
First, I read the athlete’s guide before the race cover to cover. One of the rules was, if you forget your bib number for the run, you will be disqualified. What do I realize as soon as I left the transition area? I forgot my bib number. SO for 3 miles I’m running along a soft sandy beach, glutes on FIRE, worried that my time won’t count and all this work was for nothing. Then I’m upset because I’m going so slow and I’m not doing as well as I know I’m capable of doing and I’m just mentally beating myself up.
All in all, I did not cross that finish line in smiles like I hoped. It took all I could to not cry as I packed up all my gear. But hind sight is 20/20 and I actually was a lot faster then I thought I was. I’m looking at this tri as a practice one for the Nantasket Tri next month in September. I have exactly 6 weeks from Sunday to kill it and be proud of what I’ve accomplished.