Blue Apron

I’m constantly bombarded with ads on facebook for these companies that delivers pre-measured fresh chef-created recipe ingredients to your door. I’m sure you’ve seen them since there’s about a million of them out there right now, so A few weeks ago I set up my Blue Apron account, set my preferences (no vegetarian options, please I need my protein!), and waited for my first delivery to arrive via FedEx on a Friday evening.  You can choose for them to send servings for 2, 4 or 6 people per meal and they send three meals a week.  Shipping is always free and they charge $9.99 per person per meal. The food came in refrigerated boxes so even if you aren’t home when it is all delivered it will stay fresh until you get home (mine sat outside in the heat for 6 hours and was still cold when I opened it!)  I love the fact that I didn’t have to go to the grocery store for anything.

Blue Apron assumes you have salt and pepper and oil, but otherwise, they include everything you need to prepare a complete meal, from the butter in our mashed potatoes to the lime we needed for huevos rancheros, all with instructions that were written out step by step. I was pleased to see they are making a conscious effort to support sustainable practices with local farms when got the farm fresh eggs for those huevos rancheros.

I’ve enjoyed the experience so far with Blue Apron because it gets me to try new recipes that I wouldn’t otherwise make because why in the world would I ever think to buy Sambal Oelek and make Hoisoin-Glazed Chicken meatballs? (They were delicious by the way.) I tend to be a creature of habit and buy the same type of ingredients over and over again, and make some slightly different version of each dish. My only complaint is that, even though I’m not vegetarian some weeks they force you to have a vegetarian meal and while the meals aren’t that expensive I would like to have SOME protein with my meal for a balanced diet. You can see the what they have available a head of time though and skip a week if you want. I tend to get a box maybe once a month, especially since we’ve been so busy this summer and I don’t tend to get around to cooking all the time.

So far my favorites have been:

Huevos Rancheros (If you didn’t notice I mentioned them twice already 🙂 )


Pan seared steak with smashed potatoes, snap peas and radish


Turkey Steam buns with quick kimchi (picture from their site because mine didn’t look as pretty)


Overall, I say give it a try! I haven’t had a meal that didn’t like at all. I have liked some more than others, but I haven’t really been disappointed!!!


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