Updates: I’m a bad blogger

I know it’s been over 2 months since I last posted! My goal for this coming August is to be better about it, updates about my training, races, more food posts etc. So I thought I would start off again by posting a update on what’s been going on!

IMG_0593At the end of May I ran Boston’s Run to Remember half marathon. The first one that I have run in YEARS. Seriously. I think I ran my first one in November 2013, and then switched from running to bikini competition (Honestly: big mistake). The race definitely didn’t go as planned, about three weeks before that my plantar faciitis flared up again and my physical therapist said if I wanted to run the race I had to not run up until that day. I’m glad I did rest my foot because for the first 9 miles I felt GREAT! I mean, I was running fast, my legs felt good, my breathing was just right. And then mile 9 hit and my foot got the best of me. I started landing on it funny which made my knee hurt and I lost my stride. I ended the last 4 miles with a mix of a walking and running and limping. I ended up finished in 2:16. Not the 2 hour time that I wanted to achieve, but can’t fight an injury. (But I look so happy in my picture!)


Last month, I did a the BAA 10k here in Boston and it poured. I mean I was drenched before we even started. It was still fun….but may I ask WHY do races say that the course is “fairly flat” yet there is a ginormous hill up and back? I mean I was prepared for it because I know the area really well since that’s where I run every weekend, but for someone that doesn’t know Boston that well, they are not prepared for those BU hills!!! I finished that race in an hour, foot still feeling a little funky, but a lot LESS pain!
Then one morning I woke up and my foot felt better. I don’t know why or how but it did! I’m slowly building up my mileage again (I did 5 miles last weekend!) but the plan for the year is two sprint distance triathlons and one more half and maybe just a 5k for fun. I’m going pretty broke doing all these races, but I must admit I’m having so much fun training for them! I look forward to my work outs, I’m eating more than ever before and I’m still leaning out.


Up next is my first triathlon next weekend! I’m super exited and also super nervous about the open water. I’ve done two open water swims and even though I know I can swim over a mile in the pool, my anxiety gets the best of me and I start to freak out. I just need to get out of my head and do it! If you don’t get an update next week, I drowned 🙂


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