True Life: I gave up pizza for a month

Normally, I detest the words, cleanse, detox and diet and don’t encourage my clients  or anyone for that matter  to do any of them. I have had bad enough experiences with them on my own to know, you know it’s just not for everyone and not always the best idea. As many of you know I went on a strict diet to prep for my bikini competition, which was almost 2 years ago and that left me in the hands of a horrible rebound where I went from about 110 lbs to 140 lbs. All of which I have struggled to take off in these past 2 years.

At one point in time I was talked into trying an un-named 24 day cleanse, which involved various shakes, powders and pills. In the second portion of the cleanse it involved taking a packet of about about 6 pills at each meal, and after all the damage I have done to my stomach, I couldn’t even finish the 24 days because the packets made me ill. A promoter tried to convince me to sell this product, but I can’t really back something that I can’t even take myself.
But after hibernating this past winter and adding on to the previous weight gain, I unnamedwas getting desperate. Rob had done the Isagenix 30 day (gasp) cleanse before, so decided that I would give it a try and we should go at it together. After doing some research on it, I learned that it involved taking 2 meal replacement shakes a day, having one healthy meal and only a couple of pills and supplements. For the first two weeks, two of those days are “Cleanse” days and you don’t eat, you take various vitamins and supplements to keep your energy up but that’s it. The idea behind it is, to get your body used to eating less calories (not ordering two large pizzas and downing them in one sitting…yes we did that). I looked into that was in the supplements and it didn’t seem that bad, no caffeine (which I can’t have because of my ulcer last year) and the ingredients were mostly natural and high quality. So I decided to give it shot even though it goes against what I usually believe in.
We started on April 8th, and as you have guessed since I’m posting this on May 8th, I survived the 30 days without any cheats. No pizza, no wine, no sweets and I feel pretty darn good. Now the part I know you’re waiting for…how much did I lose? Yes, I lost weight, 12 pounds to be exact. But more importantly, I feel like this was a good kick start to get me back on that healthy path again that I used to be on. I started training MORE and didn’t slack off at all, I found healthy recipes to try to out and I want to continue with this, with a few cheat meals (not cheat DAY) here and there. Get ready for some of my creations!!
I know it might now be for everyone, but if you feel like you absolutely need SOMETHING, then I suggest trying this out. However, beware, while you might lose a lot of weight in those 30 days, you can’t go back to how you were and expect to keep that weight off. You need to have an exit plan and that’s exactly what I created for post cleanse. I am going to reverse diet, aka slowly increase my calorie intake so that I don’t gain weight again and my metabolism can readjust. I still would like to lose a little bit more weight, but I know it’s not realistic to stay so low calorie for so long and not go crazy!!!
PS. You better BELIEVE I am getting pizza as my first cheat meal. SO excited.

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