Knock knock. Who’s there? Orange Theory Fitness

Last time I talked about how I’ve been trying out different work outs, and I wanted to share some of them with you!  Honestly, I feel like a kid in a candy shop lately. I love it all, I want to do it all. Sadly, there just isn’t enough time in the day or week for me to do everything AND work AND sleep.
One of the work outs I tried was Orange Theory Fitness. Basically, it’s an interval heart rate based work out where half of the work out might be on the treadmill and/or the rower while the other half involves weights, the TRX and various body weight exercises. I found OTF because apparently Facebook knows that I’m into fitness and kept throwing it all my ads and sponsored posts so I figured I would give it a try. After all, your first class is FREE!
The first day going in, (I went with my boyfriend aka dragged him out of bed at 6:45am) the front desk staff was super friendly and helped us get set up for our first session. They explained to us the different color zones for your heart rate: white for basically resting, blue for the warm up, green which means you’re working, orange which is the goal zone for optimum results and red for WHOA your heart rate is way too high. They also let us know that if we weren’t into running, there was also an elliptical and bike as available options. After that they provided with a strap to wear the heart rate pod around our chest and we filed into the work out room with a high five from the instructor.
That first class was awesome, for the first half we alternated back and forth between the treadmill and the rower and the second half we worked on power/strength. I loved it, the instructor was encouraging but not too pushy, and the hour flew by (I’m guilty of staring at the clock during spin class). We liked it so much….Rob and I both signed up for 1 time a week for 3 months.
However, the work outs are different. Every single day. Some are awesome like that first day. Some leave little to love behind. To tell the truth, the instructor does make a big difference. Even though they are all giving the same work out, the delivery does make a huge difference. For example, I’ve been training for a half marathon which means some days I have some soreness and running isn’t the best option for me. One time I mentioned not running to the instructor and she kind of made me feel bad for not pushing past the pain. Others also offer more direction than others. If you’re new to lifting, OTF might not be the best work out for you to go to learn how to do it with proper form. You’re constantly moving and everyone is going at their own pace and the instructor is guiding two different groups, form is not something that is focused on.
All in all, it’s a great work out and differently has it’s place in your weekly routine. I know it’s helped with my endurance capacity, which has been important for the races I’m training for. However, beware that if you don’t know an exercise, all you really have for guidance is a video up on the screen. I definitely recommend trying it out for yourself and just go into with an open mind!

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