Finding my balance and not tipping over

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog, mostly because I needed to take a step back and decide what I really wanted to post on here. Before I generic with work outs and a few recipes but I want to share fitness with you, my journey, how it’s helped shape me and continually getting me to improve myself both in and out of the gym. As a personal trainer I tended to be all business and in the past couple months I realized that, that’s not what connects to people.

Last year I kind of fell into a rut fitness wise. The year before I had competed in my first Bikini Competition, and was a complete rookie. I believed all the “broscience,” I ate tilapia, low carb, did fasted cardio and basically killed my metabolism while running myself into the ground. I gained weight, and I could not for the life of my get back into the grove of things. I think the hardest part for me was finding a reason to be motivated again, I didn’t want to have the tunnel vision of a competition but I also am not the type of person that just works out just because. I like to have something to strive for, and without I kind of lost interest in fitness. Constantly, I would start programs, quit 3 weeks into them, start another, quit again. I chose naps and pizza over long runs and lifting. Until finally enough was enough. It’s literally taken my almost a year and a half for me to find a healthy balance. So in February I decided to take a step back from the fitness industry and get in tuned with myself and what I wanted to work towards. I quit my full time job as a trainer and now only train part time with a physical therapy company here in Boston. It’s awesome because I’m still involved in the industry, but by taking a step back I have fallen in love with fitness all over again.
The past two months have been amazing, I’ve tried new work outs, from boxing to hot yoga, to different group training classes that have been all the rage (I’ll be doing reviews on these later!). I’ve deemed this year my race year and have signed up for some kind of race from now until November! This first one was last weekend, only a 5k but I did it with some of my old clients and now I’ve got the bug. I love these events that bring people together, it doesn’t matter if you walk most of the way or you win your age group, it brings people together with similar goals and like minds without judgement. That’s fitness really should be, it doesn’t have to be about no days off or how extreme you can be. It’s about what’s making you feel good and I’ve finally found that again.
PS. I’m so proud of my time I had to share with you! This winter I was running 12min/mile. I finished the 5k with an 8:47min/mile!