Tuna and Feta Cheese Cajun Patties


Here’s an old recipe from my friend, Silvia, that I tried recently. I take no credit other than replicating the recipe and devouring! It’s super easy and if you aren’t avoiding carbs or gluten, you can also add a slice of bread or two and if you are avoiding those, wrap it in lettuce! You can also dress it up as you wish, I added a little guacamole to mine and a slice of tomato!

Tuna and Feta Cheese Cajun Patties

 2 cans drained tuna

1 egg white

25 g feta cheese

tsp Cajun spice

Optional: colored peppers, onion or carrots

Chop vegetables if adding

Mix in a bowl  with tuna, egg white and cheese and separate into patties

Cook in pan and keep flipping them until crispy on both sides



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