The only cleanse you’ll ever need

It’s post holiday season and we’ve all set out on our new years goals. We’re bombarded by fitness ads and diet trends to get us back on track after indulging on cookies and candy for the past month. I know I can count on my fingers and toes how many “cleanses” and “12 week challenges” I’ve seen plastered all over social media. But what happens after these cleanses and challenges end and you go back to back to living life without strict rules?

Let’s be honest, most people gain weight back, some times more because they make so many changes so fast that it’s not sustainable. Plus, a lot of these cleanses or challenges require so many supplements and chemicals…are you really “cleansing” your body? I know I have been sucked into these 21 day quick fixes and detoxes because it seems so appealing and the before and after pictures are enticing, but whatever changes I made, never stuck. Also, a lot of them made me feel downright sick, because even though  I love a bowl of mashed potatoes, at least those potatoes come from the earth and not a pill packet.


The best way to make real changes is to do it slowly and figure out what works for you. For example, you want to do a cleanse to help you clean up your diet. Well if you are someone that eats out 3 times a week, drinks two cans of a soda a day and haven’t seen a vegetable since moving out of your parents house, that’s a lot to change all at once. Pick one and only one. Maybe it’s cutting back to only 1 can of soda a day for 3 weeks. Then cut back to 1 every other day, then one every 4 days, until soda is not even in your diet anymore. Then pick something else like adding in veggies at one meal a day.

Iimages-1f that’s not enough for you, go on your own self implemented cleanse, the best one you can give yourself that can last the rest of your life: cut out processed foods and eat more whole foods. More whole grains, vegetables and lean proteins. I know, crazy right? It’s what your body needs in the long run, you’ll get results and it doesn’t have to end of after a couple weeks or months!!!!



If you need some ideas on whole foods to try out, here’s a list of 125 for you!!



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